Welcome to our World...

Welcome to LeafClan!


l є α d є r;;                                                                                                                                          Dawnstar: a tabby she-cat with a pale underbelly and peircing blue eyes. she has dak gray/black stripes.


d є p u t ч;;
Turtlefrost: brown tabby tom with amber eyes


m є d í c í n є c α t;;                                                                                                                                   The position is open!


w α r r í σ r s;;                                                                                                                               Sandstripe: Sandy tan she-cat with a brown stripe from nose to back, 3 brown spots on her tail, left hip, and under her left eye. she has brown boots and bright blue eyes. Apprentice is Cloudpaw                      Petalheart: Long furred calico and white she-cat with black front paws, ear tips and bright blue eyes.


α p p r є n t í c є s;;
Cloudpaw: Thin fluffy white she-cat with one gray splash on left shoulder and a gray black foot. She has sky blue eyes. Mentor is Sandstripe.


(rest of the ranks will be added once filled up)